The new Egyptian law refrains you to urinate on the streets – Daily Pakistan

Egypt- Authorities is bringing out new concepts to keep away from any incident act on the streets , particularly peeing. Cameras are put in by the federal government on the streets for a strict examine. Indicators have been put in to warn individuals in New Cairo in order that they keep away from urinating in public. Which is indecent and unhygienic.

Space’s governor Ibrahim Saber stayed that this motion is taken to keep away from any unhygienic observe and the federal government has collaborated with completely different NGO’s , even activists to snub such practices.

Anybody seen urinating in public domains, streets, parks , roads or such locations will likely be charged with “committing indecent act”. Breaking the brand new rule will lead you to 6 months of jail time with large fines.

Persons are appreciating this step taken by the federal government:

“That is disgusting conduct that should be stopped , there’s no place for it in Egypt’s streets.”

Some are simply laughing the entire scenario off:

Folks bought artistic with their ideas:

“They’ll movie you then add the footage to YouTube.”

Some hand actual issues and factors to boost:

“I’d be on this if there have been clear public loos for individuals to make use of.”



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